Free of Exploitatioan of Animals,
Cultures, Land or Persons

Made in

Natural and Organic

Created Using Sustainable Ingredients
(100% of Raw Materials) and Packaging

Fantastic products of proven Integrity.

MiVeda crafts every formulation to be the purest organic hair care, skin care, dental care, and personal care products for all…
Combining Mother-Nature’s gentlest, certified organic ingredients and pure plant extracts to deliver healthy hair, skin and body.

Great for Both Women and Men

More and more, men and women realise that they need the moisturising and nourishing benefits of great hair and skin care products. However, they also understand their products need to be environmentally responsible,
have no potentially harmful ingredients and be genuinely Certified Organic.
MiVeda Organics provides products with all these qualities AND they are
Made in Australia.

If You are Over 40... Let MiVeda Skin and Hair Care Products Help You

More mature skin and hair types require special moisture, nutrition and
anti-ageing care. MiVeda has specific products to do this. Developed to
revitalise, restore, rejuvenate, MiVeda products will help maintain your
youthful best appearance.

Facial Moisturizing and Anti-Ageing

MiVeda Skin Care Products are suitable for
everyday use - morning and night.

Hair Care

Enjoy shiny and manageable healthy hair with
exceptional hydration and protective benefits.

Facial Serums

View the advanced MiVeda face saving
serum products

MiVeda Provides Wonderful,
Authentic and Effective Products that are:

Made in

Vegan and
100% Plant Derived

Natural and Organic

Free of Exploitation of Animals,
Cultures, Land or Persons

Environmentally Friendly
using recyclable packaging

Created Using Sustainable Ingredients
(100% of Raw Materials) and Packaging

Offered at
The Best Possible Price

Shipped with protective freight packing material that is sustainable (dissolves in water) and converts to fertiliser when deposited on your garden

About Us

The MiVeda vision is to become a world market leader in providing natural, safe and healthy, certified organic
products for nutrition, personal care, dental care, hair
care and cosmetics.

Further, MiVeda has a vision to provide an opportunity for
anyone to change their life (and lifestyle) by becoming part
of the MiVeda Member team.

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