Our Product Formulations

MiVeda is very proud of our fantastic product formulation. It has taken us years to development them. The products work wonderfully well and are priced to be accessible to the broader community. Our formulations are defined by two basic philosophies:

  • What goes into MiVeda Product, and
  • What does not go into MiVeda Products

What Goes Into MiVeda Products

We take ancient knowledge and wisdom about traditional plant derived ingredients and combine this with the ModernIntelligence of recent scientific breakthroughs.

We include seven of the key Veda active plant ingredients (see Our Seven Key Ingredients in our MiVeda Philosophy Fact Sheet).

There are many more wonderful and essential ingredients we also use and these are outlined further in the  FAQs.

What Does Not Go Into MiVeda Products

The world is changing in so many areas - awareness regarding climate change, sustainability, wellness and health conscious lifestyles are all modern concepts for modern consumers to grasp and consider.

Many established commercial companies (perhaps most) include ingredients in their products which in days-gone-by we considered acceptable to use on our skin and/or rinse down the drain back to our planet.

In the new modern view of the world, MiVeda considers many of these historically accepted ingredients undesirable, possibly potentially harmful to users and the environment and scientifically proven to be known irritants.

MiVeda has a strictly ethical stance that no harmful or potentially toxic ingredients are included in our products. We take the view there is no substitute for sustainability, quality and safety.