Our Product Formulations

MiVeda is very proud of our fantastic product formulation. It has taken us years to development them. The products work wonderfully well and are priced to be accessible to the broader community. Our formulations are defined by two basic philosophies:

  • What goes into MiVeda products, and
  • What does not go into MiVeda products

What Goes Into MiVeda Products

We take ancient knowledge and wisdom about traditional plant derived ingredients and combine this with the Modern Intelligence of recent scientific breakthroughs.

We include seven of the key Veda active plant ingredients (see Our Seven Key Ingredients in our MiVeda Philosophy Fact Sheet).

There are many more wonderful and essential ingredients we also use and these are outlined further in the  FAQs.

What Does Not Go Into MiVeda Products

The world is changing in so many areas - awareness regarding climate change, sustainability, wellness and health conscious lifestyles are all modern concepts for modern consumers to grasp and consider.

Many established commercial companies (perhaps most) include ingredients in their products which in days-gone-by we considered acceptable to use on our skin and/or rinse down the drain back to our planet.

In the new modern view of the world, MiVeda considers many of these historically accepted ingredients undesirable, possibly potentially harmful to users and the environment and scientifically proven to be known irritants.

MiVeda has a strictly ethical stance that no harmful or potentially toxic ingredients are included in our products. We take the view there is no substitute for sustainability, quality and safety.


Specific Product Information

Many personal care companies spend more on their packaging than on the ingredients in their products. MiVeda does the opposite. MiVeda produces unique natural products using only the best certified organic ingredients. While MiVeda understands that our packaging needs to be top class and eco-friendly, we strongly feel that most of the production cost should be spent on using the best ingredients so we can provide you with the very best products possible.

The MiVeda difference is our philosophy to our products - MiVeda products contain only the best, most effective, certified natural and organicingredients, and most importantly, there are NO potentially harmful ingredients.

We make it an absolute priority to eliminate all potentially harmful ingredients from our products, and this makes them unique in many countries around the world.

Our observation over several decades is that many companies say their products have no harmful ingredients in them - but because they are “self-regulating”, we feel that some companies produce products which, in our opinion, are not acceptable.

We have noticed that some companies say they do not use harmful ingredients, but simply use the same old ingredients - called by a different name. Some companies use a mix of ingredients under a trade name but SLS (or derivatives) are still included in the respective ingredient mix.

We therefore feel that every company should be supervised by an independent, “third party” which stringently checks that their products comply with an acceptable code or standard, or at least properly observe the claims they make. Our opinion is that all products need to be natural and certified as organic by a reputable certification process.

MiVeda produces products which are ACO certified to COSMOS standards. This is an extremely strict process which is scrutinised and audited through the whole manufacturing process (from growing the ingredients, to ensuring only the stated ingredients are used, to storage and manufacturing process). Click here to review the extreme conditions required to have products certified. We add that only eco responsible (sustainable) growing methods for ingredients are approved.

All this means that MiVeda products are certified natural and organic, but they also do not have:

  • Sulphates
  • Biocidal preservatives 
  • Artificial fragrances 
  • Synthetic colouring
  • Silicones
  • Petrochemicals

MiVeda products are readily biodegradable and waterway friendly.

Most particularly we avoid the usage of the following specific ingredients which are commonly used in many commercial products for sale in retail shops around the world (Note that SLS is now listed as a Poison by the Australian TGA):

MiVeda’s primary cleansing system is our special botanical cleansing complex which is derived from sustainably sourced coconut cleaning agents. These plant extracts cleanse gently and leave your hair and skin in its most naturally clean state and feature:

  • Deep cleansing with pure plant extracts
  • Over 99% plant derived extracts, organically certified and/or wild harvested ingredients.
  • A natural “hydrating” cleansing system - not a detergent sulphate