About Us

Our Vision

The MiVeda vision is to become a world market leader in providing natural, safe and healthy, certified organic products for nutrition, personal care, dental care, hair care and cosmetics.

Further, MiVeda has a vision to provide an opportunity for anyone to change their life (and lifestyle) by becoming part of the MiVeda Member team.


Our Philosophy

At MiVeda, our philosophy is to provide safer, non-toxic, certified organic products that can potentially contribute to the well-being and quality of life of the community.

MiVeda achieves this philosophy by providing products which:

  • Are certified natural and organic (ACO certified to COSMOS standards)
  • Do not contain any potentially harmful or toxic ingredients
  • Are environment friendly
  • Are not tested on animals

Our objective is also to share oursuccess with our Members.


Our Values

Our Environment

MiVeda is a "green" company.

We care for the environment and use packaging materials that can be safely recycled or disposed of in landfill. We are working towards a better future for the earth and all our families. All ingredients used in our products can be considered "earth friendly" and have no deleterious effect. Further, we only use ingredients which have been grown responsibly (ie sustainable agriculture and no destruction of forests or detriment to the earth).

Our people

We are passionately committed to making a difference in people's lives with high quality products, while our business model can help our Members achieve financial independence, greater freedom and improved health.

We reflect our values by providing an honest, professional, friendly and caring service whilst at all times remaining focused on the best interest of our Members, customers and their families.

Our Integrity

We maintain complete integrity and honesty in all our dealings. And, we believe in honest and clear communication with our stakeholders, Members and customers.


Our Name

Our company name “MiVeda” was created after a long and thoughtful process as the founders believed it encompassed the philosophies and values of the company.

Mi” [pronounced my] has multiple meanings.

  • “My Vision” – which the founders have for the company.
  • “My Opportunity” – for Members who want to embrace the benefits our company provides. This opportunity allows Members to take ownership of the chance to change their lives and all the ideals we stand for.
  • “My Life” – which reflects the philosophy, knowledge and wisdom our company has about natural, healthy and safe products which we provide to our customers and all the community.
  •  "My Health" – which reflects the chance Members have to take control of their health by using safe, non-toxic, certified natural and organic products as well as fantastic nutritional products.

Veda” [pronounced vayda] represents the fundamental philosophy of “vedic” principles.

  • "Veda" – is a term generally accepted to describe “Knowledge”, “Wisdom” and in some contexts “Science”. There are four Vedas known to mankind (The Rig Veda, The Sam Veda, The Atharv Veda and The Yajur Veda). MiVeda founders especially chose this term to reflect the scientific knowledge and wisdom which led to the use of the selected ingredients and formulae used in the MiVeda products which are natural, healthy and safe.
  • “Veda” – allows people to embrace the goodness of the ancient Indian Ayurveda (as well as ancient traditional knowledge from South America, Africa, Australia) and reflects our philosophy of promoting long healthy life by using natural, healthy and safe products as well as dietary supplements that provide all the proper nutrition your body requires in the modern world.