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It is often said “the devil is in the detail” and “read the fine print”. For these reasons (and for the avoidance of doubt and to offer full disclosure, transparency and clarity) MiVeda has a policy of providing as much detail as possible in regard to the company and the products we provide. While from a marketing perspective, it is accepted that “the less said - the better”; MiVeda thinks that education and explanation is warranted and justified in order to assist consumers to make an “informed decision” when purchasing their products. In part this philosophy has been derived from the founders’ involvement with scientific and medical research, but also from their decades in clinical practice.

For this reason we will expand on some of MiVeda’s unique benefits – in other words, what makes MiVeda stand out from other companies.

Made in Australia. MiVeda is proudly Australian owned and operated. About 10 years ago MiVeda operated overseas and following that experience we decided to bring all manufacturing and operations back to Australia. This was primarily for quality control reasons, but MiVeda is also very conscious of supporting the Australian economy and community. MiVeda wants to keep money and jobs in Australia, especially considering the current international political and health situation.

Certified Natural and Organic products. Initially MiVeda concentrated on just providing products with no harmful ingredients in them. This was because we felt that the harm being caused by dubious ingredients necessitated urgent action. However over the years it became apparent that some companies “rort the system” and say they exclude harmful ingredients from their products but actually do not. After considerable thought and discussion between many independent parties, MiVeda concluded that to maintain proper and transparent integrity that could be relied upon by the public, we needed to involve a “third umpire” to scrutinise our entire production process. By doing this, everyone can be certain that our ethical and professional standards are a reality, rather than having to rely on MiVeda "doing the right thing". By being a Certified Natural and Organic company, MiVeda is constantly scrutinised by an independent authority that has control over what we produce.

Having explained this, we make it clear that nowadays, being a Certified Natural and Organic company is not confined to just organic ingredients and manufacturing (although clearly this is critically important). To obtain certification now, MiVeda has to conform to multiple criteria (COSMOS Standards Document). In real terms, what this means is that the following requirements also need to be complied with…

Environmentally friendly. To be approved as Certified Natural and Organic, MiVeda products are required to be environmentally friendly and “green”. As such there are stringent rules about no pesticides and herbicides involved with ingredients: but also that the growing and harvesting of ingredients, containers, labels and production methods are all environmentally friendly and (where applicable) can be recycled.

Sustainable ingredients (100% of raw materials) and packaging. Part of the overall thrust of getting certification for organic products is that the growing and harvesting of all ingredients must be sustainable. No environmental damage can be caused in the agricultural process: for example, rain forests cannot be destroyed to grow crops and ingredients must be biodegradable. Similarly, all packaging must not cause damage to the environment – either during the manufacturing process or in the disposal of materials after use.

Vegan and 100% plant derived. For the above reasons, all MiVeda products are vegan and 100% derived from plants. This is not a token statement but an absolute requirement for MiVeda to get its products Certified Natural and Organic.

Free of exploitation of animals, cultures, land or persons. Following on from all the above points, MiVeda products are not tested on animals. However it is also mandatory that there is no exploitation of humans (eg workers and growers) during the growing and harvesting of ingredients and no exploitation or detrimental effect to agricultural land. Additionally, no exploitation is allowed due to cultural differences and therefore there is no discrimination or economic abuse due to: gender, politics or religion.


Lastly, there are also important stand-out points about MiVeda products that are less to do with the proven quality of the products and more to do with their value and benefits.

MiVeda feels that, just because we have fabulous products that are Certified Natural and Organic, it is not an excuse to make the recommended price of each product unreasonably expensive. Some companies might do this but MiVeda wants as many people as possible in the community to benefit from using our products. For this reason, MiVeda offers its products at the best possible price. In some cases, products are offered at prices that reduce profitability to MiVeda to an absolute minimum and this is done because we feel it is desirable for all people to have reasonable access to these products.

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