Featured Product -Toothpaste (Fluoride) 100ml

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MiVeda Toothpaste (Fluoride) strengthens tooth enamel and is safe for everyday use. This Toothpaste (Fluoride) contains no SLS, SLES, artificial flavours, colours, or parabens. We produce this particular toothpaste with fluoride because of the overwhelming evidence that fluoride toothpaste reduces the number and size of decay cavities in teeth. Please click to download scientific evidence and information about this (by Dr Dale Gerke - www.drdalegerke.com).

Having explained this, MiVeda is sensitive to consumer desires and as such we have created a certified natural and organic fluoride toothpaste - probably the only one that is: made in Australia, certified organic, has no potentially harmful ingredients and developed by a specialist dentist.   

Regular brushing two or three times a day after meals will deliver healthier results. Click here to find out How to Keep Your Teeth.

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Certified Natural and Organic


Charity Fundraising

MiVeda will assist any genuine charities, community groups and organisations, sporting clubs and educational facilities (e.g. schools and tertiary institutions) to raise funds to continue their valuable work in the community and will donate a profit share of sales resulting from this association.