COSMOS Organic Certifications

Why Certify MiVeda and its products...

Many companies today target modern consumer values by “green-washing” the product labels with promises of some organic, “green” or natural active ingredients. The truth is, most products have none of these qualities and only contain enough of an organic or natural ingredient to claim it on the label.  

In order to ensure complete customer confidence, MiVeda submits all our ingredients (growing, harvesting, processing), product manufacturing, storage and sales to an enormously rigorous process of natural and organic certification by ACO Certification Ltd to COSMOS Standards.

Independent 3rd Party auditing of every batch of every formulation is piece of mind for our Members and customers that they can be confident when they use or recommend one of our MiVeda products, that it is genuine. What is on our label is inside the bottle.

COSMOS and the ACO Certifications

The ACO is an organic certifying body founded in Australia in 1991. Based in Queensland, it conducts inspections across all of Australia and many other countries, making it one of the most respected organic certifying bodies in the world. It certifies to various Organic Standards. The Australian National Organic Standard and the European unified COSMOS Cosmetics Standard are the two Standards that we are audited under at MiVeda.

The basic rules for composition of a COSMOS Certified Organic Cosmetic are as follows: at least 95% of the formula are all plant based ingredients and 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming for rinse- off products and 20% for leave-on products (excluding water and minerals in a formulation).

Of the remaining 5% of each formulation, the ingredients may come from selected synthetic origin (i.e. nature identical preservatives) or may be chosen from a small list of allowable synthetic ingredients: very few are considered suitable and these have a primary function as nature identical actives not available commercially at this point in time.

The Australian National Standard is an “Organic Food Standard”. It considers only food based raw materials and does not make distinctions between a cosmetic formulation or a formulation for human consumption.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO Certification Ltd) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce in Australia.

ACO regulations cover in detail all aspects of food production, processing, delivery and retail sale. An ACO Organic seal identifies products with at least 95% organic ingredients. Our personal care formulations which meet this certification are effectively certified as food grade.

Our manufacturing facilities and all of our formulations and labels are audited annually to both of the above mentioned Standards thereby giving our stakeholders and consumers absolute comfort that what we say is in our products on the label, truly is in the bottle.

MiVeda’s COSMOS Certified Organic Cosmetic Standards and ACO certifications allow you to trust our brand.

Brand honesty - the benefit of our organic certifications is brand honesty. You can trust that our label claims are real and have been reviewed and approved.

It’s all about our ingredient list - you know that every ingredient that we say is in our formulation list is actually contained in the product. That is why we are certified, so you know you can trust the MiVeda brand.

Never been tested on animals - you can be assured that neither an ingredient nor a finished product has ever been tested on animals.

Ethical and sustainable sourcing - you are guaranteed that every ingredient we formulate with has been audited for its ethical and sustainable acquisition.

Readily biodegradable - you can be confident that everything you rinse down the drain is truly safe and readily biodegradable (to the highest standard required).

Ecological sustainable - you can take pride in the fact that your buying choice and recommendation of our products to others is making a tangible difference to the ecological sustainability of our world’s rainforests and natural heritage.