Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, PayPal, Apply Pay.  All payments are secure, organised and controlled by Shopify, Stripe or PayPal.

What if I would like a refund? 

We will happily refund your order if you would like to return the goods for some reason within 15 days of purchase. Refer to the Return Policy section at the bottom of this website for exact details. Please return the products to 60 Seventh Ave, St Peters, South Australia, 5069, Australia. We will process the refund once we confirm the products have not been used or damaged.  We do not cover return shipping costs. Members are subject to a different refund policy which can be found on the Member website.

What happens if I entered the wrong address with my order?

Please make sure the address is correct at the time you order.  If you think the address may not be correct, email us immediately and we will do our best to assist. However once your order has left the warehouse we cannot redirect it. If orders are undeliverable and returned to us for any reason, we will issue a refund less shipping and handling costs - which are $15 for Australian orders, $75 for international orders.

What if I would like to exchange for a different product?

We will happily exchange your order for something else within a 15 days period after initial purchase.  Please send the products to 60 Seventh Ave, St Peters, South Australia, 5069, Australia and let us know via email what you would like instead.  Products must be unused and returned to us undamaged. We do not cover the additional shipping costs. Members are subject to a different refund policy which can be found on the Member website.

What if I need my parcel urgently? 

If you require your order before a certain date, contact us by email prior to placing an order to confirm possible delivery times.

Can I amend my order after it has gone through?

Once processed, we cannot amend orders.   We cannot apply discount codes or gift codes after processing.  

Can I use multiple discount codes in the one order?

Only one discount code can be applied per order.

Are MiVeda products safe for children/pregnant women/sensitive skin?

Yes, MiVeda products are all designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. However there is always a risk that skin may react to even the most natural ingredients. If you have concerns about a potential reaction, we suggest testing a small amount of product on a patch of your skin (preferably the inside of your wrist or elbow) and waiting 24 hours to ensure that there will not be a reaction before more extensive use. If irritation does occur, please rinse with water and discontinue use. 

We fragrance our products with natural and organic essential oil blends (never synthetic fragrance).   Products are safe to use on babies (although we suggest the baby should be over 1 month) and pregnant women. However if users have a sensitive medical condition, we recommend that medical advice is obtained before using MiVeda products or indeed any products (as a sensible precaution).

Are MiVeda Products tested on animals?

No, MiVeda products are not tested on animals.  We are firmly against cruelty to and testing on animals.

Do MiVeda products contain sulphates or parabens etc?

No. Refer to our Certified Organic page on the bottom of this page for more information about what we do not put in our products.  

Where are MiVeda products manufactured?

After literally searching the world for over 5 years for the right manufacturer, MiVeda products are manufactured in our ACO Organic certified manufacturing plant in Adelaide, South Australia. MiVeda products are manufactured to COSMOS standards.

What if my pump or spray trigger breaks?

Very occasionally spray triggers or pumps might fail.  Please email us and we will aim to arrange a replacement.

Is MiVeda an Australian company?

Yes, MiVeda is fully Australian-owned and operated.  

Is MiVeda COSMOS Organic certified?

Yes, all MiVeda formulations are manufactured to COSMOS organic standards which are scrutinised and certified by ACO.  

Does MiVeda offer event or charity sponsorship? 
We are always happy to consider a request for sponsorship of your event or your charity.  Please email any requests to miveda@miveda.com for consideration.  We get many requests so we appreciate your understanding if we cannot respond to all of them individually or grant your request.

How do I become a MiVeda Member?

To become a MiVeda Member, just send us a request email using our Contact Us form, and we will get in touch with you ASAP.